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Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park - Entire Trail

The 2019 Edition of Michigan Trails Magazine Will Be Available to Order From This Website In May, 2019.

Your Guide to Michigan's Multi-Use Trail Network

Michigan Trails Magazine and our website are dedicated to providing you with accurate maps and important information about Michigan's growing network of non-motorized, multi-use trails.

Our magazine and website are published by trail people for trail people. Let us help you plan your next trail adventure.

We have personally hiked, biked or rollerbladed every trail presented here to verify routes, surface conditions, public access areas, amenities and points of interest.

View more than 1,100 original photos. We hope you enjoy our website and find it useful. Thank you for visiting!

More Trails. More Fun.

Michigan Trails Magazine CoverWe are pleased to present the 2018 edition of our Michigan Trails Magazine and Website, with even more non-motorized, multi-use trails for you to explore and enjoy. Whether you like to run, hike, rollerblade, ride a bike, walk your dog, ride your horse, cross-country ski, or zoom along on your snowmobile, we've got your trails.

As you look through the following pages, you find long multi-day trips through the vastness of northern Michigan, day rides through quaint country towns and major metro areas, along rivers, lakes, forests and farms, or a peaceful stroll on one of Michigan's many scenic riverwalks. Every trail is unique in its own way. Each offers its own adventure and a healthy way to reconnect with the great outdoors.

There are all manner of ways to enjoy the natural beauty of Michigan, but for many of us, there's nothing like the joy of exploring a new trail for the first time - or revisiting and old favorite - breathing the fresh air and discovering the sights and sounds that unfold as you travel along your Journey.

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